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At My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm we organize guided tours and workshops for the occasion of seasonal events.


In other words, the purpose that drives our business activity is the promotion of this amazing water-saving farming method. Either in terms of vocational training and dissemination of scientific and environmentalist knowledge.

Since in Aquaponics we see a great deal of potential for what concerns the entrepreneurship world. As well as to raise the public awareness on the fragility, and yet power, of the balances that allow ecosystems to maintain. Especially, we really care about rising the issue of food production. Because – beside the fact that the conventional farming practices are unsustainable in the long run – nowadays farmers around all the world are struggling to tackle the effects of Climate Change. Nevertheless, we don’t understand that the farmers’ troubles will be ours, too. Since they’re already affecting and damaging our livelihoods.


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Moreover, we believe that Aquaponics can be used to make a safe space where anyone can experience the Awe and Beauty crafted by Nature. Particularly survivors or wounded people who’ll benefit from the healing force of Life itself, even if it enclosed in greenhouses.

This is the reason why we decided to open up My Rivendell Aquaponics Farm to the public for the scheduled guided tours.

And not only to the aquaponics enthusiasts who attend our workshops.


Infact, to help them starting a striving Aquaponics business, we organize vocational training weekends or weeks with the aim of building up a targeted expertise. That is to say that in the scheduled workshops we focus on specific fish/crayfish species and crops to farm in Aquaponics.

Beside sharing of course, a generalized, expert know-how tips.

Such as, for instance, how to build repeatable and scalable Aquaponic systems with a low initial investment. In fact, what we aim to proof you with our own experience is that it’s not always true that you need a big deal of capital to start an Aquaponics business.


Since it’s just a matter of the niche market demand you’re going to satisfy with your products. Beside the location you mean to build in. Like, for what concerns us. In fact, we choose to implement our Aquaponics facility in the countryside of Tuscany in order to make our family’s farmland work. Furthermore, it depends on the system design that works best for your project requirements.

Yet, we’ll look more deeply into this matter either when you’ll come for a consultancy or during one of our workshops.

Just like we’ll talk of your project (if you want to get some suggestions from us). As well as the professional sectors where the application of Aquaponics may have a competitive added value.  

In short, booking our tours and workshops, you’ll benefit of our experience in the field.


Especially thanks to Davide Di Crescenzo, our Scientific Director who has been working as consultant and vocational trainer for 10 years. Beside his previous experience as marine biologist and crayfish breeder.



Yet, as already said, we devote our farming haven not only to the Aquaponics enthusiasts who want to start a business. But to whoever will take some hours to enjoy the Beauty we’ve been crafting in our eco-friendly farm.

Because a responsible farming is also a lifestyle that enriches the world, nourishing the land in the same way of the soul. This is the reason why we chose to focus our attention on ornamental fish, crayfish, shrimps and flowers.


Infact, we aim to grow and preserve the biodiversity of this territory, through the creation of micro-ecosystems that attracts the pollinating insects and other wild animals.

Moreover, we want to promote a green tourism that enhances the natural treasures the land gives us everyday. Considered that every season holds its own breath-taking discoveries to find out. For this reason, our events are organized according to the different stages of crops and animals growth and mating.

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Our Aquaponics farm is committed to activities of education and promotion of low-carbon, water-saving, organic, farming practices. Since these ones are aimed at preserving the local biodiversity. As well as to open up new job opportunities in the countryside.

For this reason, we organize guided tours addressed to the curious who heard about Aquaponics. And to whoever wants to get a multi-sensory experience in the first Aquaponic flower garden in the world.


Guided tour

For special seasonal events in our Aquaponics farm- like the flourishing of some flower varieties and the mating of our fish, crayfish and shrimps - we organize 1-hour guided tours inside our Aquaponics farm and to some of our organic fields.


TOUR + consultancy

We’ll guide you to our Aquaponics greenhouses for the first hour and we’ll introduce you to the trials we carry out to unleash the potential of Aquaponics.

Then in the next hour you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your project or idea together with us. We’ll give you some feedback and tips on the steps to immediately take in order to attain it, according to his 9-year experience in this field.


Guided tour + 1-hour consultancy

Are you seeking for a direction to take for your Aquaponics business project? Then, stop by our Aquaponics farm and see how it daily works. We'll solve whatever doubt you have about it and we'll share with you our experience working in this field. So that in the next hour we'll discuss your project and examine together its potential in terms of profitability and originality.Specifically looking at the market demand you plan to satisfy with your products.



1-Week Workshop

A full-immersion training course just for you to put into practice the principles of Aquaponics inside our Aquaponics greenhouses, implemented on the Argentario’s Promontory (Tuscany -Italy).

During our workshops you’ll learn how to design and build productive aquaponics systems. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to daily manage them throughout the year and how to tackle the most common issues that every aquaponist has to deal with.

Most noteworthy, we’ll introduce you into our ever-growing, international fellowship of budding aquaponists and pioneers.


During our Themed Workshops we’ll show you the results, in terms of production capacity and manpower required, of the Aquaponics farming of high-priced plants and fish/crayfish addressed to wealthy niche markets. As well as some of the less known forms of Aquaponics, such as Yabbyponics and Shrimpponics.


1-Week Workshop on Yabbyponics & Shrimpponics

In this 49-hour full-immersion training course, we'll share with you our expertise in Aquaponics, focusing our attention on the rearing and mating of Yabbies and Shrimps (Neocaridina davidi and cantonensis). As well as on the techniques and organic products to grow healthy crops and plants in your Aquaponics facility. This workshop includes either theoretical lectures and practical activities for a full-immersion weekend in the Aquaponics field.



1-weekend Themed Workshop

Every cycle of workshops of this kind will be devoted to a peculiar niche market product farmed in our Aquaponics greenhouses.

Acquaponica ornamentale - carpe koi - expertise in aquaponics

1-Weekend Workshop on Yabbyponics & Shrimpponics

In this 19-hour training course, we'll share with you our expertise in Aquaponics, focusing our attention on the rearing of Yabbies and Shrimps (Neocaridina davidi and cantonensis). This workshop includes either theoretical lectures and practical activities for a full-immersion weekend in the Aquaponics field.



1-Weekend Workshop on Koi carps & Goldfish in Aquaponics

In this 19-hour training course, we'll share with you our expertise in Aquaponics, focusing our attention on the breeding and selection of the Koi and Goldfish high-valued varieties. Therefore, we'll into the aquaponics production addressed to the ornamental niche-market. This workshop will include either theoretical lectures and practical activities for a full-immersion weekend in the Aquaponics field.


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